Welcome to immigration lawyer and asylum lawyer Petkovski. A trusted name for many, and a new name for others. In either case, you can count on receiving high-quality legal assistance, under clear and fair conditions in the field of immigration law, asylum law, MVV cases, family reunion and visa. Follow the instructions to apply for a new case. Or go directly to the authorization form.

Corona virus

Having issues with your temporary stay because of Corona (COVID-19)? Or any other questions relating to your residence permit and/or having trouble with contacting IND please let me know. I can be of assistance.

Ilija Petkovski

I was called to the bar on September 26th 2001, and have since been working as an immigration lawyer in the Netherlands. Starting 1st february 2020 my office is located in Apeldoorn.

My law firm focuses on multiple areas of law, in addition to providing legal advice in the firms core specializations. I have worked for many years as an immigration lawyer and specialize in all the different facets of immigration law. For instance, I have expertise in migration law, MVV requests, law affecting non-native residents, refugee law and asylum law.

You can always contact me to give a second opinion about your case. Also a quick scan or full analysis of your file is possible for a fixed fee. This includes not only your present file, but also future possibilities.

In addition, I have a small advisory practice focused on other areas of law. For more information feel free to contact me.

In need of legal assistance?

If you are in need of legal assistance feel free to contact me as your immigration lawyer. As a pro deo lawyer I can make an application for free legal aid for people with a low income. However, in certain cases you will be required to make a personal contribution (eigen bijdrage). If you are in a procedure and have not yet been assigned a lawyer you can always contact me.

If you already have a lawyer it can be a little bit more difficult to take over your case. In such cases it would be possible for me to take over your case if there are urgent reasons for this or in cases where there is a serious breach of trust. You should be aware that in such cases you may have to pay an extra contribution (eigen bijdrage) for the services rendered.

If an appeal needs to be initiated at the Court, you will be required to pay the court fees (griffierechten) as well. For more information check this page.

For more information about applying a new case click here.

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