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Ilija Petkovski

I was called to the bar on September 26th 2001, and have since been working as an immigration and asylum lawyer in the Netherlands. Starting 1st February 2020 my office is located in Apeldoorn.

My law firm focuses on multiple areas of law, in addition to providing legal advice in the firm's core specializations. I have worked for many years as an immigration lawyer and specialize in all the different facets of immigration law. For instance, I have expertise in migration law, MVV requests, law affecting non-native residents, refugee law and asylum law.

You can always contact me to give advice pr analyze your old and present case and look at future possibilities. You can also contact me to give a second opinion. For most cases I use a fixed fee.

In need of legal assistance?

If you are in need of legal assistance feel free to contact me as your lawyer. I work with fixed fees or as a pro deo lawyer I can make an application for free legal aid (toevoeging) for persons with a low income. You may be required to make a personal contribution (eigen bijdrage). See the Dutch page for the scheme when using the government payment.

If you started an asylum procedure and have not yet been assigned a lawyer you can always contact me by filling out the authorisation form so I can be assigned to your case. Also if you are in a Dublin procedure or you plan on asking asylum here and face the risk of a Dublin procedure you can contact me in advance.

If you already have a lawyer I usually don’t want to take over the case unless there are urgent reasons for this such as a serious breach of trust. You should be aware that in such cases you may have to pay an extra contribution (eigen bijdrage) for the services rendered or a legal fee needs to be paid. I will then not ask for government payment simply because there are more lawyers involved and the fee needs to be shared. In most cases this does not suffice because of the amount of work that needs to be done or redone. This also is valid for court procedures or when the court procedure has been won and the case is send back to the IND. But you will always here from me on which terms I can take over an ongoing case. You will never be surprised afterwards with high costs. And in most cases we use a fixed fee so it’s clear for everyone in advance what the cost will be.

For advice and analyzing your case I also use a fixed fee. It is not possible to do this on government payment. Also help and advice with the application of a residence permit or EU-document cannot be done on government payment in my office. There are other lawyers that could help you with this. You always have the right to chose your own lawyer.

When an application needs to be done its not always clear what the chances of success will be. This sometimes requires thorough investigation of documents, medical prove or hiring other external experts. In such cases we can split the fee in parts. The first part will be analyzing the chances and the second part (if we chose to continue the case) will be starting the application itself. I can inform you about these possibilities.

Also for HASA cases in most cases its not possible for me to work on government payment. Of course you always have the right to seek out for another lawyer that is willing to do the case on government payment. But I can only help you with a legal fee.

If an appeal needs to be initiated at the Court, you will be required to pay the court fees (griffierechten) as well. For more information check the webpage of the court.

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