Contact information

Advocatenkantoor Petkovski
Ugchelseweg 117
7335 JT Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

tel +31 (0)55 303 1988
fax +31 (0)55 203 2524
mob +31 (0)6 50 916 816

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btw NL00 1381 649B 50

The firm can be contacted by phone daily between 08.30hrs and 18.00hrs. Leave your message with the telephone service after which I will call you back usually the same day. In a very urgent case just request the telephone service to immediately put your call through.

Calling me directly on my mobile phone is often difficult because of my busy schedule so I will not call back without any messages. You can best contact me quickly by email or WhatsApp or just call the 055 office number. If I do not answer your message within 24 hours, please call me back on my office number because probably something went wrong.

Route description

Ugchelseweg 117

By car

When travelling by car take exit 19 "Hoenderloo" and enter the Apeldoorn city limit. Turn right at the first traffic light. Next, turn left at the following traffic light. You will encounter the law practice directly to your right and you can park in the driveway. The practice is situated at the very end of the driveway.

By bus

Starting at the Apeldoorn central station, take bus number 12 with direction "Ugchelen" and stop at bus stop Derk Kamphuisweg. You then walk back and cross at the intersection. The law practice is located directly to your right. The practice is situated at the very end of the driveway. Plan your journey using the popular website.

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